Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rooting the LG Thrill / Optimus 3D

Another silly file permissions bug. At least the exploitation of this one was a little bit more interesting.

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Rooting the LG Spectrum

Yawn. LG loses, users win.

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Xoom FE: Stupid Bugs, and More Plagiarism

Someone mentioned to me that yesterday’s root for the Motorola XYBoard appeared to not work on the Xoom Family Edition (FE), so I took a look. What I found was a set of vulnerabilities so egregious that it’s hard to not draw comparisons to a deliberate backdoor.

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Rooting the XYBoard/Xoom 2

Another day, another tablet rooted. I wonder when Motorola will realize that it’s hopeless to try to prevent device owners from controlling their own hardware.

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Re-Rooting the LG Esteem

Someone told me that LG patched the last vulnerability used to root the LG Esteem. Here’s another root.

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Rooting the Droid 4: A Failed Bounty Experiment

Yesterday, I tried a little experiment in releasing a root exploit for the Motorola Droid 4. I set up a bounty, where the first $200 would go towards me buying myself a Droid 4 in exchange for the work I’ve done developing the exploit, and the remaining bounty money would go directly to the American Red Cross. I thought this would be a good arrangement for everyone: users get a shiny root exploit for a few bucks, I get a new phone in payment, and money gets donated to charity. Everybody wins.

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Rooting the Sony Tablet S

After getting a taste of rooting tablets with the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet, I decided to turn my attention to the Sony Tablet S. It turned out to be a tough device to root.

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